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My name is Björn. I Love IT

As stated above, I love everything about IT.
Especially security, programming in all of its shapes. Developing new and fun stuff is what gets my juices flowing!
I'm still learning every day and it's a never ending jurney, there's always some other and better way to solve a problem.
I just recently began developing using different frameworks, this was a big step towards becoming a better developer in all aspects since inventing the weel again and again is a tedious task.
The frameworks I like to work with is CodeIgniter for PHP, ExtJs for JavaScript and Twitter Bootstrap to get a nice, clean and responsive layout!

When not developing for the web I like to create small and (mainly) security related applications.
You can check out some of my works over at Github where I share my work.
Another thing I love is Open Source software, collaborated contributions and sharing in general!

I'm currently studying IT-Forensics and Information security over at Halmstad University where I hopefully will get a Bachelor's Degree.
When I'm not studying I work at a firm called AiTech where we are doing industrial automation and follow up on production levels, to hopefully improve or maintain a stable level.

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Phone: +46 727 49 75 30
Addr : Skepparegatan 23, 30236 Halmstad, Sweden
IRC : verbose on Efnet

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